AP Enviro Final
Updated: 6/4/2020
AP Enviro Final
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  • Today, class, we are going to talk about eutrophication!
  • Eutrophication happens when water has too many nutrients in it, making too many plants grow and taking away oxygen
  • These nutrients can come from places like farms!
  • Chemicals and nutrients, like phosphates, can run off the soil of farms and into nearby bodies of water
  • These can spread into watersheds, or large connected drainage areas that can be so big they take up multiple states!
  • Without proper safeguards on farms, these nutrients can end up hundreds of miles away in lakes, rivers, and even the ocean!
  • With so many nutrients in the water, the plants grow out of control!
  • They take way all the oxygen in the water, hurting fish and other lifeforms
  • Now you now about eutrophication! Any questions?
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