Christopher Columbus
Updated: 5/20/2020
Christopher Columbus

Storyboard Text

  • Christopher Columbus goes to Spain because he didn't get support from England and Portugal
  • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. If I go west I could find a route to India.
  • The King and Queen wanted to gain power and to spread Catholicism. Also they had to find a water passage to get to India since the land passage was blocked
  • We will support you on this voyage Columbus.
  • Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas. He connected Europe with the New World
  • Bahamas
  • Christopher Columbus didn't find the precious stones that promised Spain.
  • I have made it to India.
  • You must be Indians
  • Months Later Natives are dying from disease like measles, smallpox, and influenza
  • Doctor I don't feel well
  • Write to the King and Queen that I believe this people would make good slaves.