Animal farm by George Orwell chapter 8
Updated: 12/19/2019
Animal farm by George Orwell chapter 8
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The battle of the windmill. Humans Vs. the animals.

Storyboard Text

  • I'll pay you with cheque and raise the price to 12 pounds
  • I will sell you a pile of timber
  • Death to Pilkington. when we get him he shall be boiled alive when captured
  • Impossible he cried
  • Napoleon is about to trade with pilkington. while Pilkington was going to pay with a peice of paper and Napoleon was too clever for that.
  • get out while the going was good
  • As the pigs find out that this thing called a "cheque" was totally fake and Pilkington got the timber for free. Napoleon declreaed death to Pilkington.
  • what is the gun firing for
  • To celebrate our victory
  • After Napoleon got the animals together. The very next moring Pilkington attacked animal farm with his men. The animals weren't going to get a easy win this time. As the men set up dynamite to blow up the windmill.
  • A cry of lamentation
  • I have terrible new Comrade Napoleon is dying
  • As the animals run into the barn scared and terrifed. They watch the men setting up dynamite to blow up the windmill. The sight of the windmill blowing up the ainmals got their courage back to fight the men.
  • After the short war against Pilkington and his men. The animls won the fight with only a few animals left. They than celebrate even thought they lost a lot of people. As boxer asks why we should be celebrating.
  • After the victory in the battle for the windmill the pigs wanted to celebrate by drinking beer. Napoleon thought he was dying because he was drunk. After this Squealer told the animals.
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