Monsters On Maple Street Storyboard
Updated: 3/12/2020
Monsters On Maple Street Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • The power's out!
  • I'll check on Floral Street! Be right back!
  • Nothing's working here.
  • Conflict
  • The aliens, of course. They have human spies here too.
  • What people? Thats crazy!
  • But they don't want you to leave. That's why they shut everything off.
  • We'd better walk downtown.
  • Rising Action
  • It's Goodman! Get him! His car started!He's the one!
  • !?!
  • Maple Street, United States of AmericaThe power goes out and a meteor flies overhead, causing confusion.
  • Rising Action
  • How was I supposed to know he wasn't a monster? You know, Steve! I didn't mean it! It's all a gag!
  • Steve wants to go downtown to check, but Tommy says the aliens don't him to. At first, people think this is ridiculous. Soon, the idea catches on. Tommy also says their are alien spies in the neighborhood.
  • Climax
  • Get Charlie! Get Steve- Their working together!
  • It's Charlie. He's the one.
  • Les Goodman's car suddenly starts and people accuse him being the alien. Soon the whole neighborhood is a ruckus.
  • Resolution
  • In the confusion, Pete Van Horn is shot dead by Charlie, who mistook him for a monster. Charlie is then accused of being the alien. Anyone with an odd habit is accused as well.
  • You killed him Charlie! You shot him dead!
  • Charlie's the one! He's the alien!
  • Everyone blames each other as the neighborhood is thrown into confusion over who is the alien and why did this happen. The people end up tearing themselves apart as they stuggle to find a scapegoat for blame.
  • It isn't the Goodmans. Its Bob Weaver's place.
  • Get Tommy! He's the one that knew it all!
  • It isn't the Bob Weavers. Its Don Martin.
  • No, its Goodman!I know it!
  • I tell you it's the kid.
  • Two mysterious aliens or "Figures" are responsible for the chaos on Maple Street. Their pattern: humans will let fear rather than sense take over, the real monsters: fear and prejudice. Humanity's weakness.
  • Understand? Turn off their lights and perhaps some other items and throw them into confusion, and just let them slowly blame each other.
  • By no means. This world is full of streets like this one. We'll just go from one to another, one to another, destroying them...