St Patrick
Updated: 3/18/2020
St Patrick

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  • Takkeee him awwayy
  • St Patrick was born and raised in Britannia , His family was Christian , but for St Patrick he never really believed in God , his job was to be a shepherd , looking after the sheep and goat's.
  • One day St Patrick finished doing his job ( being a shepherd ) , Once he finished he went out to have a rest when he was stopped by a stranger , "what is going on" he thought but it was to late to take action he was already captured and taken on a ship to...
  • To this unknown place , where is he ? why him ?what are they going to do to him ? , St Patrick was sent to Ireland to be a slave .
  • People from Ireland took children mainly kids who they thought would be good for the job , St Patrick happened to be one of them , St Patrick was captured and sent to Ireland , to herd sheep's , cow and goat's .
  • a few weeks later ; One day Patrick was finished is job and slept for a while , while he was sleeping a had an unusual dream , a dream that could make him escape all this .. A soon as he got the chance to escape he did , and went back home. 
  • When St Patrick returned home , he started to preach about the Lord ,  and showing others the sign of the cross , using a 3 leafed clover , to represent father , the son and the Holy spirit . but something unusual happened he returned to Ireland and lived there . He passed on , on March the 17th 421 , He is and will always be the patron saint of Ireland .