Updated: 2/9/2021

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  • Speeding up the production and testing timeline
  • Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute said " The time in which the vaccine was created should be a cause for concern." Both the Phizer and Moderna vaccines having only gone through a 2-3 month observed testing period.
  • Usually requires 10-20 yrsPhase 1: DIscovery, basically learning as much as possible about the vaccinePhase 2: Preclinical 2 yrsPhase 3: Clinical Development1-2 years determining if it is safe2-3 years Determining its Immune Response2-4 years What job does it do?Phase 4: Submitted to FDA for regulatory rule and approval
  • President Ford and the bird flu
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  • Years of medical mistreatment, lack of confidence, and a plethora of unanswered questions related to efficacy of the Vaccine
  • The WHO named vacine hesitantcy as one of the worlds top health threats, yet what moves are being made to remedy this. Yet
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  • We could end up backing the virus into a corner, and it mutates to a stronger more virulent virus.
  • AUE Antibody Dependent Enhancement
  • Corona virus strains and mutations
  • There is a highly likely chance that underlying side effects pop up later, unknown because they shortened down the production and testing times.
  • Many questions remain unanswered in terms of topics such as efficacy, reliability, unseen side effects, and the overall confidence in medicine.