Storyboard - Shug - Reading book
Updated: 12/11/2020
Storyboard - Shug - Reading book

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Summary of the book Shug

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  • Title: ShugBy: Jenny HanGenre: Fiction
  • Characters: Shug avery, Mark, Elaine, Jack ConnellSetting: Clementon, Georgia
  • Shug Avery is trying to navigate through Junior HIgh and her feelings for a her childhood friend mark. We know this when they are hanging out in the neighbor hood in the beginning of the book
  • The rising action is all the time leading up to the dance like the pool party at sherylins when she is afraid elaine is gonna drift away from her
  • The climax is at the dance when annemarie and mark dance then mark says rude things about Anne Marie and jack beats up mark
  • Jack connell comes over to Anne Maries and tells her that he beat up mark
  • Anne Marie and Jack connell kiss at anne marie's house
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