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Photosynthesis project
Updated: 2/18/2020
Photosynthesis project
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  • We're here to teach you about plants and photosynthesis.
  • Photosynthesis and why we need it
  • That's because you make your own food! And I'll tell you how!
  • Ok so you know how at a restaurant they serve people food? Well how come people don't serve us, but I never feel hungry?
  • So photosynthesis is like a recipe for a birthday cake. And the ingredients are Water, sunlight and carbon dioxide.
  • Oh ok, that makes sense
  • So it all starts at the roots. When the roots take in water and push it up through the plant through the xylem, that's the first step.
  • Then it goes to the leaves. On the backside of the leaves, there's tons of things called stomata. These 'lungs' of the plant, exchange O2 with CO2. When Carbon Dioxide is breathed in, the second step is on it's way ro being done.
  • But don't forget about the light! When light enters the plant, it enters through the Chloroplasts with green pigment called Chlorophyll. Then after it's absorbed it goes to the mitochondria to produce the energy it needs. So during photosynthesis, the plant gains energy and food, and we gain Oxygen to breathe every time they bretahe in and out!
  • After CO2 is exchanged, the water is mixed with the Carbon Dioxide to make a substance similar to glucose.
  • But why is photosynthesis something we need to learn about and something we need? Well, if it weren't for photosynthesis, we would die! The plants provide the oxygen we need to thrive, while we breathe out the thing they need most.
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