Unknown Story

Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I'm so excited to start school for the first time!
  • No stop reading and do things my way.
  • I can read really good.
  • Stop reading with your dad. now. or else.
  • Im not.
  • the girl in the picture is Scout.
  • I don't have a lunch
  • Scout is disappointed because her teacher is being rude.
  • I can give you a quarter for lunch but you have to pay me back.
  • I-
  • Miss Caroline accuses Scout of practicing how to read with Atticus.
  • scout how dare you explain this to me. I am going to slap you now.
  • He cannot afford to pay you back. He works with my dad and he pays us in food because his family does not have money.
  • He came to school without a lunch because he cannot afford one.
  • Miss caroline offers to give him a quarter for lunch.
  • When scout tries to explain the situation, Miss Caroline gets mad and slaps her hand with a ruler.