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"The Landlady"
Updated: 9/20/2018
"The Landlady"
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  • Excuse me, but is there a fairly cheap hotel not too far away from here?
  • TRAIN <---------
  • Try The Bell and Dragon. They might take you in.
  • It looks warm and cozy in there..
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Well, I always wait for someone just right.
  • I expected more people would be at a place like this
  • 17 year- old Billy Weaver had just arrived at bath after taking a train down from London after being assigned to an office there. It was late by the time he got there and very cold
  • How times flies from all of us Mr. Wilkins
  • Its Weaver. There is something peculuar.
  • On the way to The Bell and Dragon Billy encountered a boarding house. He nearly convinced himself to go to the pub anyway but was drawn in.
  • You have the most beutiful teeth Mr. Weaver. Did you know that?
  • They've just got masses of fillings in the back.
  • Almost as soon as Billy rang the bell the door opened! A woman, seemingly the landlady answered. The rent to stay here is good even though she seemed a little dotty so I decided to stay.
  • No my dear, only you
  • I stuff all my little pets when they pass away
  • Have you had any guests in the past years?
  • The Landlady insisted that Billy signed in. Only two entries were written down and they were each two years apart. They seemed familiar, like they were linked to each other. The landlady offered me tea before bed and insisted on it. 
  • According to the landlady Mr. Mullohand and Mr.Temple are still here. She told me a bit about their appearance. The tea she gave me had a bitter almond taste to it.
  • Billy realized all the pets were stuffed and was quite impressed that the landlady stuffed them herself. He had been the only guest in the past years.
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