Updated: 3/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Our political system has drastically changed!
  • Our new focuses may start a movement!
  • We can't let our economy change!
  • Political Situation: the government reduced to life imprisonment and enacted many new death penalty laws.
  • WE say it does violate the Constitution!
  • Well I say it doesn't!
  • Social Situation: the nation developed a new focus on racism and the failure of state governments to condemn criminals.
  • Economic Situation: Judges began to reject border line charges and the economy was not served by execution.
  • Majority of the judges (4) says the case violates the 8th and 14th amendments, while the minority (2) believes the case is unconstitutional.
  • Political: states enacted new death penalty lawsEconomic: not served be execution and judges rejected capital chargesSocial: new focus on racism