Cyclops Project
Updated: 1/19/2021
Cyclops Project

Storyboard Text

  • Arrive on the Island and Pick the Best Fighters
  • Enter the cave
  • Meet the Cyclops
  • "We beached there, and I told the crewto stand by and keep watch over the ship;as for myself I took my twelve best fightersand went ahead." (93-97)
  • Find Out That He is Not Friendly
  • "We climbed, then, briskly to the cave. But Cyclopshad gone afield, to pasture his fat sheep" (116-117)
  • Stab His Eye with a Stick
  • "Strangers, he said, who are you? And where from?What brings you here by sea ways a fair traffic?Or are you wandering rogues, who cast your liveslike dice, and ravage other folk by sea?" (156-159)
  • Escape Under the Sheep
  • "Then he dismembered them and made his meal,gaping and crunching like a mountain lion everything: innards, flesh, and marrow bones." (195-197)
  • "Lugging it near the Cyclopsas more than natural force nerved them; straightforward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed itdeep in his crater eye" (289-292)
  • "I tied them silently together, twiningcords of willow from the ogre’s bed;then slung a man under each middle oneto ride there safely" (337-340)