The Father's Sacrifice -Eliana Bible 7
Updated: 12/2/2020
The Father's Sacrifice -Eliana Bible 7

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  • The Father's Sacrifice
  • By Eliana
  • God told Abraham to bring his beloved son, Isaac, up to a mountain as a sacrifice.
  • Yes, sir.
  • (God)Abraham, give me your son as a sacrifice.
  • Abraham and his son, Isaac, gathered the supplies needed for a sacrifice, but Isaac noticed they had no lamb to sacrifice.
  • The Lord will provide.
  • Father, we have no lamb for the sacrifice.
  • Once Abraham and his son reached the place God instructed, Abraham bound his son for the alter, and took out his knife to slay him for the Lord.
  • To the Lord I give my son as a sacrifice.
  • Before Abraham's knife touched his son, the angel of the Lord cried out to him.
  • (God)Abraham! Do not hurt the boy, for I know now that you fear me.
  • Abraham instead burned a ram as a sacrifice, and named the mountain The Lord Will Provide.
  • This place shall be called The Lord Will Provide.