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Updated: 2/24/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Lol it wouldn't let me do only 5 so umm enjoy me talking to you from my room:)
  • Nonconformity; refusal to follow a rule or practice
  • I will NOT wear a mask!
  • Please use face mask
  • Self-reliance; Dependent on no one else but yourself
  • I'm fine go away!
  • I'm here to help
  • Importance of Nature; Connecting with nature to find your spiritual self.
  • Favoring Intuition over Reason; Trusting your gut over what everyone else says
  • I have to I have a bad feeling!
  • Where are you going you can't just leave your sisters wedding like that!
  • I have everything I need why would I waste my money.
  • Simplified Life; Living by what you need not by what you want
  • Wow your house is so simple I could neverrrrr!