War of 1812 part2
Updated: 2/5/2020
War of 1812 part2

Storyboard Text

  • The U.S won the battle which made the Native American's feel weak and defeated. The majority of Native American's fled to Canada including Tecumseh.
  • we must leave to protect our people
  • In June of 1812 James Madison gave into the pressure and asked Congress to declare war.
  • It is time for war
  • we will discuss
  • Even though the U.S declared war their were very little weapons, soldiers and supplies. The United States was unprepared for this war. This war was referred to as “Mr. Madison’s War". This was because the nation did not want to support it. The war was very expensive and James Madison did not think about the financial issues that were already present.
  • I should have prepared better for the war. All I can do is hope for the best
  • The U.S military attacked Canada from 3 different directions and failed. Detroit, from Niagara Falls, and up the Hudson River valley toward Montreal. The British Navy forced the General William Hull to surrender
  • I surrender
  • The United States attacked the British fleet on September 10, 1813 and got them to surrender due to their new Commodore Oliver Perry . The U.s regained control of Lake Erie.
  • We surrender
  • By the end of 1813 the U.S did not claim any of Canada's land. Great Britain had more troops to send over to fight the U.S once the war with France was over in 1814. The British defeated the U.S soldiers.