Management Assignment-Storyboard

Updated: 9/7/2021
Management Assignment-Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Yew Seng, Jing Ren, Elle and Qian Rou are discussing how to solve the problem about the marketing strategy that the company needs to promote their new product. Yew Seng and Jing Ren have concluded that they should promote their products via online. On the other hand, Elle and Qian Rou suggests they should promote via newspapers and flyers. However, the budget does not allow them to make both ideas come true, so they are making decisions on which to choose. But they cannot reach an agreement on the decision.
  • ONLINE!!!
  • OFFLINE!!!
  • Their different opinions are reported to their own team leaders, Xin Yao And Xiang Ting. It is then reported to the manager, Yan Xuan. They told the manager about their groups are having a inter group conflict about their team members are not reaching to an agreement. After this, the managers ordered them to fix the conflict to avoid further interruptions on the plan.
  • We will talk to our members to solve the conflict between them.
  • Xin Yao and Xiang Ting as a group leader ,you should be a able to communicate with your members. Please solve the conflict and talk to me when you are ready.
  • Later on, Xin Yao and Xiang Ting went to tell them the importance of solving conflict and turn it into an efficient way of doing the work. Realizing that other than quarreling, they can be cooperative and come out something without being assertive themselves.. They promised their team leaders that they will not hold grudge against each other and will make things right.
  • Yew Seng, you and Jing Ren have to apologize to Elle and work together in order to do better work.
  • Elle, you can work this out with Yew Seng and Jing Ren and discuss the plan each other.