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Updated: 3/29/2019
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  • Mr. Holtien and his wife just got dropped off by there plane. They are on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. They will be staying for 6 days in paradise.
  • Previously, when they were on
  • Come on! Lets take our time down the hill and we will be fine. We need to make it to dinner by 6:00 pm.
  • Mr. Holtien and his wife decide to go on a walk to get to a restaurant. On the other side of the beach, there is a huge steep hill. Since the hill is large and steep there is gravitational pull. They also are being forced to run down the hill causing Mr. Holtien and his wife to be very hot.
  • I'm happy I am alive, that was a terrible accident.
  • They stare over at this island that is connected to the island they are on with a sandbar. Mr. Holtien rolls up his pants and they walk over it. Everything looks safe untell the coconut falls onto Mr. Holtiens head because of gravitational pull. It also creates a loud noise which is considered sound energy.
  • Mr. Holtien is brought to the hospital and given x-rays. First, the lights that project the bones is light energy. We also see that this machine is run by something to power it, so we see electric energy.. 
  • Mr. Holtien gets surgery on his open wound on his head. When he is done with surgery the surgeons find something devastating. They found a cancerous tumor and they need to use radiation and chemicals. This would be considered chemical energy. This also would cause a lot of heat to the body meaning it is heat enegry, After the surgery is complete, your family is just thankful that you are alive.
  • Mr. Holtien and his wife say goodbye to the city and "float" away. They decide they want to go a hot air balloon trip before they go. After it is over, they are going to land soon and the gravitational pull is pulling them towards earth. This would be gravitational energy. This also lets out a lot of heat from the flame to control where they will land, that is considered heat energy. They eventually made it home happily and safely. The end!
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