Joan of Arc
Updated: 2/11/2021
Joan of Arc

Storyboard Text

  • The Hundred Years War
  • Why did King Edward III have to claim the French crown. and start a feudal dispute? But mean the French are losing.
  • Joan of Arc: Early Life
  • You must save France!
  • Joan and the French Prince
  • I now give you these strategies for battle and that god has sent me to lead your soldiers to install you as king
  • Those details, only a true messenger of god could know those.
  • Ryan Beavers-7th Grade
  • Joan Leads the French to Victory at the Battle of Orleans
  • This will be their first real victory as Joan has completed her divine mission.
  • The entirety of Joan's life the English had controlled her village. They pillaged killed and raped women and children. As well as terrorize the towns.
  • Joan's Capture and Death
  • It is said in texts that god told her to get rid of he enemies of France and to install Prince Charles as ruler.
  • Joan inspires the French to win the War
  • Well done my child, you have saved France.
  • The French soldiers saw her climbing a ladder up this castle of which she had placed and thought hey this girl talks to god and is on the battle field lets follow her!
  • *Wheezing Is, is that Joan of Arc?
  • When the English captured her they put her imprison for: witchcraft, claiming to talk to god, and being on a battle field with short hair and men's armor. All of were illegal.
  • Joan became a MARTYR and was a strong influence for the French to win the war. Also she was a greater influence when she was dead kinda like a legend.