Mehmed II vs. Suleiman
Updated: 11/2/2020
Mehmed II vs. Suleiman

Storyboard Text

  • Mehmed II vs. Suleiman
  • I am the Greatest Ottoman Emperor!!
  • Mehmed does something cool
  • Mehmed he... I don't even know anymore
  • My Child, Humbara
  • Ryan Beavers-7th Grade
  • Suleiman finally does something
  • Mehmed II Gets the idea to chop and oil logs to pull ships over the hill between the chains to advance into Constantinople. Taking Constantinople before was seen as impossible and its well defended walls made it a great place to defend from.
  • Suleiman does not like Vienna
  • Mehmed II orders the building of around 70 of these behemoths that could shoot a 600 pound cannonball around a mile away. The only downside was they took 3 hours to reload. It transformed into the modern day "Howitzer."
  • And the winner is...
  • The Ottoman fleet won a Sea fight against the Venice and Spanish fleets combined achieving a great victory thanks to their commander.
  • Man, Venice and Spain somehow got whooped.
  • After Suleiman destroys the Spanish and Venice fleet he then goes on to take Vienna itself.
  • Mehmed II won because he conquered Constantinople. That's not all he also invented or the now day howitzer. This made their empire very strong and high in morale along with the conquering of Constantinople. He also invented a way to move ships onto and over land.