Storyboard - 5.2 China
Updated: 1/16/2020
Storyboard - 5.2 China
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  • The Fall of the Han Dynasty
  • I want China!
  • The Sui Dynasty
  • I used my big brain power to reunite China!
  • Rise of the Tang
  • When the central government weakened, generals and warlords started to take advantage of that power. This resulted in brutal war. This war then resulted in the spilt of 3 three kingdoms: Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han.
  • The Tang Dynasty's Success
  • I'll trade you my silk for your gold!
  • Then, Emperor Wendi finally reunited China. Wendi conquered the western and southern regions of China. He brought back many policies that the Han Dynasty had and made the kingdom more fair too.
  • Rise of The Song
  • The next dynasty was the Tang dynasty. Li Yuan was the leader for the Tang dynasty. Their culture was able to spread to multiple regions including Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.
  • The Song Dynasty's Success
  • The Tang dynasty achieved many things in many fields like technology, art, literature, and more. One example was improved trade with canals.
  • Alright cool my dude.
  • When the Tang dynasty fell, the Song dynasty rose and was very prosperous. Taizu ruled during this time.
  • I rule now!
  • Since the Song dynasty was very successful. They took inspiration from the Han dynasty too. They wanted to build a strong government so they had exams in which wealthy men would to take to see if they qualified.
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