Unknown Story

Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • miss helen stoner came to he house in a dark cloak . She looked scared.she had wrinkles all over her face andher hair was grey.
  • i think there is something going on in our house
  • my mother met my step father in india when he studdied to be a doctor
  • when they got married me and my sitser were very small. soon it got he got violent
  • we would
  • he even killed one of our servants. its was terrible everyone was scared of him of
  • take us there. take to your hous
  • we moved to england where my sis. died
  • she was screaming in pain when she was dying
  • i dont know why. i need your help
  • they came to the house. it was very clear miss toner was very scared. they walked inside and went to all the rooms
  • in the stepdad's room they found a snake, milk and a pipe. sherlock was consed at first but then he understood.
  • they came back that night through the window and saw that the stepdad was killed by the snake