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China Assessment
Updated: 2/20/2020
China Assessment
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  • Abomination
  • Do not disobey your parents
  • Invention
  • Technology is great
  • Philosophy
  • If you must rule, rule as little as possible.
  • Q'inDynasty at your service.
  • One of the Ten abominations was "Do not disrespect your parents." The 10 abominations were rules the Chinese needed to follow to protect them and others. If they broke the laws, they would be harshly punished.
  • Dynasty
  • Chinese have invented many of our technology that we use today. Without their inventions of computers, phones, and video games we wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things we do.
  • Geography (extra)
  • Daoism influenced political rule in ancient china by telling rules to govern less harshly. It also influenced Chinese thought, writing and art.
  • Other (extra)
  •  goodbye government building!!
  • China was ruled by several dynasties, which were families given power by the Mandate of Heaven. This Q'in Dynasty began building the Great wall of China which helped protect it's people from invaders. The Q'in Dynasty didn't last long and were violent.
  • Our family rules!
  • it is helpful because they can get they food and water.It is also helpful because you can get where you need to go on bout.
  • Do not destroy government property. Sedition is one of the ten abominations.
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