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Health Assighnment
Updated: 10/14/2020
Health Assighnment
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  • No !!! You shouldnt do it either.
  • Khy and Jayli at the back of the school and Jayli askes Khy if she wants some beer.Jayli, Ms.P, Picture=Back of school. / say not
  • Hey Khy do you want to drink some beer i stole some from my dad.
  • Tell why not.
  • Yes it will its not ok and it can permanently hurt your body and its illegal.
  • Why shoulnt i do it its just beer its not going to hurt you or me.
  • No im leaving this isn't ok you should talk to someone a adult not me ok bye see you on monday.
  • Proptly Leave
  • You will be fine come on just this once it will be fun you can be relived from all the crap in life for a little bit.
  • Jayli askes Khy if she wants beer that she stole from her dad. Khy says no.
  • Timeout
  • HeyHave you taken up my offer.
  • Hi NO!!!!
  • Jayli keeps doing it and Khy tells her its not ok and its illegal.
  • Allow each other person to tell there side of the story .
  • why i wanted you to do it with me because i thought that Best friends did everything together.
  • They do just not illegal stuff Jayli they do fun things like sleepovers and ft calls.
  • So then Jayli says that it will relieve her from everything and its just once and Khy leaves and tells her to tell and adault.
  • Brain storm ideas.
  • then what are we going to do if you don't want to drink beer.
  • We could go to my house after school and hangout.
  • Khy leaves and goes home to give herself a break because she couldn't handle it and then on monday she sees jayli and goes up to Jayli and says hi and Jayli says back hi so have to taken up my offer yet and she said not.
  • Khy askes why Jayli wants to have her do it with her.
  • They started brain storming ideas after they figured out everything.
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