Updated: 5/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • CyberBullying
  • If he's making you feel that bad, we should just block him and report him!
  • [Sniffles] "NoobMaster" has been making me feel bad because i'm adopted...
  • Online Predation
  • "NoobMaster" is forcing me to send him embarrasing pictures and he knows my address
  • We should report his number to the authorities and we should talk to a counselor!
  • In-nutritious Family Members
  • Ugh.. My parents never bring back any healthy food for me and I'm sick of eating all of this junk!
  • We should talk to your parents about the importance of eating healthy for your body!
  • The victim is being cyberbullied by "NoobMaster" over text. The superhero blocked the bully to prevent/stop the cyberbullying. The superhero most likely prevented emotional/mental health problems in the victim by stopping the bullying.
  • The victim is being predated online by "NoobMaster". The superhero reported the number and referred the victim to speak with a trusted adult. These actions most likely saved the victim from exploitation and emotional/mental health problems.
  • The victim has innutritious family members who do not bring back healthy foods. The superhero is helping to raise awareness about healthy eating to the family members. This action will most likely have saved the victim and her family from undernourishment and bad health overall.