Mulan 2
Updated: 6/10/2020
Mulan 2
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  • Allies/Enemies
  • Approach
  • The ordeal
  • Mulan, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po have a rocky start and begin as enemies, but by the end of the song, they are allies after a tough training sequence. Mulan is also tested when she retrieves the arrow from the top of the log while having weights as restraints. She also finds an ally in Shang, who realizes her strength and ability to fight.
  • The Reward
  • As the troop approaches another town, they find it ravaged by the Huns. Unfortunately, there are many casualties, including the General himself, who is Shang’s father. The troop prepares to inevitably fight the Huns in honor of the Empire.
  • The Road Back
  • The Huns begin firing at the troop and they prepare to fight back as the Huns rush down the mountain. The troop runs out of bombs, except for one. Mulan notices the tip of the mountain top in the reflection of her sword and decides to take the last bomb to fire at this location. She hits the mark right as Shan Yu approaches her, but is unable to defend herself as he grazes her with his sword. Her action during this ordeal causes an avalanche, which sweeps up the Huns, as well as herself and Shang. Eventually, she is able to find her horse and save Shang as they fall the edge of the cliff.
  • Return With the Elixir (Continued)
  • The troop cheers upon discovering that Mulan and Shang were alive, and that the Huns appeared to be defeated. Shang distinctly mentions that he owes “Ping” his life.
  • It is later revealed that Ping is, in fact, a woman, but Shang spares Mulan her life because she saved his. She is kicked out of the army, and is left in the cold. Eventually, she hears the surviving Huns’ plan to head to the palace and end the war once and for all. This causes a sense of urgency as Mulan races back home to warn Shang about the plan.
  • To her surprise, her father envelopes her in a tight hug and lets her know that she is accepted and loved for who she is. This alleviates her insecurities that are present in the beginning of the film, in which she feels that she cannot can not be her true self due to societal and cultural standards. By finding and becoming her true self, she is able to complete her hero’s journey.
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