Bromine Draft #2
Updated: 2/3/2020
Bromine Draft #2
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  • Barium bumps into Chlorine on a hot day to create their child called Barium Chloride. Barium goes to a sauna trip and trips and falls onto nitrogen, creating another baby called Barium Nitride.
  • Barium goes to school but can’t make friends with the hydrogen group because he keeps being repelled by them. Barium can’t hang out with the carbon group because he begins to rust up and becomes too ugly.
  • Barium is at the circus with his good old pal nitrogen. They both are the only elements to bond with each other that can’t create a reaction. Barium decides to ride the Ferris wheel with his pal oxygen. Once at the top, Barium accidentally touches oxygen in the cold weather, causing the Ferris wheel to explode.
  • On a walk with both of his families, he slips on a banana and falls on a jogger called oxygen. He knocks unconscious and wakes up to another child called Barium Oxide. Barium turns black from the reaction, and his wives aren’t able to find him anymore. He decides to leave the city and not pay child support.
  • Barium tries to hang with gold but he was told if he touches Gold they both will explode into millions of pieces. Barium can’t hang out with any elements in school so he is forced to sit alone and isn’t allowed to touch any other element.
  • The Ferris wheel begins to set on fire, so Barium touches Sulfur to create a fire-resistance reaction. Barium extinguishes the fire from the Ferris wheel and is able to enjoy the rest of the night with his friends.
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