cyberbullying story
Updated: 1/7/2021
cyberbullying story

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  • that is funny!wait who is she referring to?
  • I am going to get chicken nuggets
  • sure! lets invite her and to come and sit with us 
  • who were you talking about in that text?
  • that new girl...should we add her to the chat?
  • hmmm... what do i want?
  • Today is picture day,Hanna got a text from Mya and thought it was funny but she was confused
  • Abby left the chat
  • HANNA! Stop! sorry abby!
  • MYA
  • abby Your outfit today was so bad you looked like a dumpster
  • Abby(new girl)
  • HEY Everyone!
  • Everyone was at their lockers and Hanna could not stop thinking about what she said
  • You are not a good friend
  • MYA
  • Friend... I thought we invited her to be mean...duh
  • Oh well
  • i am sorry about hanna! if you would like we could still be friends?
  • . . .
  • YES!!
  • hi i am leah... want to be friends?
  • its okay Mya and yes we can be friends
  • . . .
  • After school Hanna got home and they all got on the chat
  • Hanna was so mean that in the end she was left with no one
  • Mya left the chat
  • NOOO! i wanted to be her friend not be mean to her!
  • Mya found abby at the park they talked it out They are now friends but abby said that she felt broken down and hurt! But in the end Mya, Abby , and Leah became great friends!
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