Unknown Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey Joe,you wanted to tell something. What is it?
  • Hey Julia,I feel like trash, I want to die, nobody likes me. Just come with me.
  • That not true nobody likes me. I always stay home and nobody stops and says hi to me.
  • Why did he came here? Please joe do not feel that way,there's people that like you.Just come with with I will show you something.
  • What are we doing at the club?
  • I invited some of friends so we could have a good time. Theirs people that likes you.
  • Hey joe it being a while since I saw you.
  • Hey joe I miss you a lot we should hangout more.
  • Hey joe,how are you? Today is a good day.
  • Hi it being a while since we hangout.
  • Hello you guys let party today an have fun.
  • Omg really let go it would be fun.
  • That sounds fun let go.
  • Next week it my birthday and you guys are invited.
  • We should hangout more often.
  • Today was a fun night.
  • Julia you were right there's people that like me. You are me hero.
  • I am happy that you are ok and your welcome. Let sit down a watch a movie.