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Updated: 10/1/2018
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  • I wonder what my new life is going to be like?
  • I always thought being adopted was going to be the best thing in the world..
  • ....But I guess not....
  • .....I absolutely love Graffiti.....
  • But one day my whole life changed and art wasn't an option...
  • That day I discovered that I had SUPERPOWERS and I could do things I NEVER thought I would be able to do. I could move things with my min which I think is insane I was able to turn invisible which is AWSOME And finally I could move roots. But I have to be careful because one day I was practicing when I started to feel tired but I ignored it. Then I started to feel a sharp pain in my neck when my fingers started to disappear. I freaked out and went to go sit down and that was when my finger started to reappear I was so relived.
  • That's when I knew that there will always be a point to stop when using my powers...
  • I am now known as DAZE
  • He is my mortal enemy and him and his gang are the most wanted criminals in the entire city and I've had my fair share of encounters with them.
  • And like every superhero theres a supervillian
  • "HEY STOP"
  • "Oh and one more thing...."
  • "This is all a secret"
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