Athena and Poseiden's contest for athens.

Updated: 8/23/2021
Athena and Poseiden's contest for athens.

Storyboard Text

  • Poseiden: "Fine..."
  • Athena: "We shall have a contest for the city of Athens, but you must find the best gift for the people."
  • King Cecrops: "Fine, its settled winner will become patron of the city."
  • "Ewwww! The water is too salty."
  • Poseidon: "I will gift you the best thing which is and will be the sea..."
  • Athena: "This tree shall supply all of your needs once it grows."
  • Poseidon: Pfft.
  • Athens
  • King Cecrops: "The clear winner of this contest is Athena and this city is now to be called Athens"
  • Poseidon: They are going to pay.
  • Poseidon: "Drown!!"
  • Attika