Ionic Bond Comic Strip
Updated: 1/29/2021
Ionic Bond Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

Who is the cation and anion? Gold(#79) is my cation and Chlorine(#17) is my anion. How many valence electrons does each of them have? Gold has 1 valence electron and Chlorine has 7 valence electrons. How do they transfer electrons to form a bond? Gold will transfer one electron to Chlorine which will have 8 valence electrons. What is the name of the compound after bonding? The name of the compound after forming is Gold Chloride or Auric Chloride.

Storyboard Text

  • Life is hard for an old man like me. Traveling miles to find one electron.
  • Haven't seen one soul in days.
  • FOOD!
  • Wait, what?
  • Hey! What do you think you are doing!?
  • I am Chlorine
  • I see that you have one valence electron. And I need one more. Can I have it?
  • Thank you. (Finally, I have gotten one more.)
  • Yes! I don't want this thing. You would be doing me a big favor!
  • Wow. I have become negatively charged, which would make me an anion when I gained one valence electron.
  • And what are we called when bonding?
  • And I have become positively charged because I gave you an electron. Where I lost one electron.
  • Because you are negative and I am positive we will be bonded together line magnets.
  • I know what we are called but there is two names we can be called.
  • We can be Gold Chloride or Auric Chloride.
  • I like Auric Chloride more. Yes that will be our name!
  • Well, this kind of bond is an ionic bond but I don't know what we are called,