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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha lived in a castle all his life and never left the castle walls. Till one day he venturing outside. When Siddhartha was outside he realizes that life has suffering and that people die, by seeing a old man, an sick man, and a dead man. Siddhartha was afraid for this will happen to him someday. Siddhartha thought there has to be more to life.
  • When Siddhartha venturing out again he saw a holy man. Siddhartha was inspired by this man and left the Palace for good to fallow and become a holy man.
  • Siddhartha lived in a cave for years meditating, eating little food, drinking little water, and almost starving to death till one day a little girl offered him a bowl of rice which gladly accepted.
  • This is Siddhartha
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  • Siddhartha realized that denying himself was not how he would achieve what he sought, and the little things make you happy. So he keep meditating, drinking, and eating not starving himself.
  • Siddhartha encouraged people to fallow a path of balance, not one of extremism, which he called the Middle Way.
  • Siddhartha then sat under a Bodhi tree and vowed not to get up until the truth he sought would come to him. He meditated for several days. Durong that time he had to overcome Mara, an evil demon, who challenged his right to become the Buddha Siddhartha finally saw the answer to his questions about suffering and in that moment he became the budha. Siddhartha then became a teacher for the rest of his life. He tough about Dharma, the Four Noble Truths, and the 8 fold path.
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