Mauna Kea
Updated: 5/30/2020
Mauna Kea
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  • This is awful! I can't believe the UHIFA wants to build a telescope on top of our sacred mountain.
  • I know, this mountain has so much history to our native people. It is not only a burial ground but it is also part of our creation; Where Sky Father and Earth Mother met and became our ancestors.
  • The UHIFA wants to built this giant telescope, approved by BLNR, on top of Mauna Kea because of the dry atmosphere and the clear view of the night sky.
  • By building this telescope though they are disregarding our culture and our religious practices thatwe still perform today. They are neglecting the importance to our scared mountain all because they want to create more jobs and revenue for their University.
  • Don't they understand that saying "no" should of been enough the first time. In 1968 we were told only 1 telescope would be built now there are 13 with more on the way.
  • They are disregarding our First Amendment right and the protection of our religious freedom
  • Our view as Native Americans is based on the believe that any use, disturbance, and/or development of Mauna Kea is unimaginable and would not allow us to continue our religious worship practices.
  • We have been protesting because the sit proposed for the telescope is 0.5 miles away from Kukahau'ula, the manifestation associated with Native Hawaiian legends and oral stories.
  • This is not just about the telescope. This is about us mattering.
  • We are not against science, we are against corporations having a right to build and destroy our culture and sacred land.
  • This is about us determining what is sacred to us and how we need to have the right to determine how it is protected.
  • The problem is based on the U.S judicial system and how they do not believe the spirits of Mauna Kea can be represented.
  • Management procedures for the construction enforce that traditional practices may not be restricted but we disagree.
  • They do not understand us and our religious and native culture.
  • We need to see each other as human beings and as equals. There is an alternative site that is being observed and pursued with permits.
  • We have native people who work in the observatories and this is not us against them. This is about protecting our religious rights.
  • It would be helpful if we had a middle ground opinion who would help us emerge the situation.
  • We are not against science and the building of the telescope. We are just against the construction of the telescope on our sacred mountain, Mauna Kea.
  • We want equal protection of our land. We want the same amount of respect. We won't stop. We will continue to be heard and have the expectations under the clause.
  • The Undue Burden statement is a standard that is used to determine that a legislature cannot make a particular law that is too burdensome or restrictive of one's fundamental rights. By allowing the construction of the telescope to proceed, the government is essentially saying that it is acceptable even though we will not be able to continue all of our religious practices and discontinue all of our historical and creation culture which will be extremely burdensome to our people.
  • The equal protection clause is under the Fourteenth Amendment in the U.S Constitution that prohibits any state from denying to any person the equal protection to laws. There has already been so much construction on top of our sacred mountain that we fear the outcome for this TMT will be built no matter how much we fight against it. Hawaii has many other mountains that can be used and we hope they will hear us and go with the alternative site.
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