The Great Gatsby
Updated: 1/11/2021
The Great Gatsby

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Quarter 2 Book Report

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  • The Great Gatsby
  • Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • I wonder who's house that could be...
  • This is my very good friend Myrtle.
  • Nick Carraway moves to New York and settles into his little shack of a home compared to his very wealthy neighbors. This house is placed along a lake that is lined with some of the most wealthy people anyone would ever see.
  • It's nice to meet you, old sport.
  • Nick has a cousin named Daisy who lives across the lake from him with her husband Tom. He visits them one day for lunch to find that they had another friend over named Jordan who mentions that Nick's neighbor, Jay Gatsby, is a mysterious and extremely wealthy man.
  • I'm not sure if I believe everything he is telling me...
  • My wealthy parents passed away... I'm from the Midwest, specifically San Francisco... I went to Oxford
  • Daisy's husband, Tom, takes Nick into town, but on the way there they stop at a train station where Tom's mistress, Myrtle, works with her own husband. Tom introduces Nick to her and she accompanies them on their trip into the city.
  • Nick's neighbor, Jay Gatsby, throws grand parties every weekend. One day Nick receives an actual invitation to one of these parties which he accepts. He attends Gatsby's next party with Jordan and actually meets Gatsby for the first time.
  • After that party, Nick and Gatsby's friendship develops and Gatsby begins to trust Nick more. Gatsby tells Nick about his past and how he became so wealthy, he also speaks about his love for Daisy.