Updated: 6/16/2021

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  • How could you lose the necklace my grandma gave me!
  • Well it's not my fault you told me I could borrow it!
  • I cannot believe she lost my necklace she knew how much it meant to me.
  • God can you help me? I just got into a fight with my friend over a necklace my grandma gave me and I don't know what to do.
  • Yes it is I God. I think you should apologize to your friend for getting mad at her and don't worry about your grandmas necklace you don't need an object to remind you of her when you already have a bunch of good memories
  • I hope she forgives me for getting mad at her. I hope God's advice works
  • Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you yesterday. I know I told you that you could borrow my necklace. I forgive you for losing it.
  • That's okay! I think we both let our emotions get the better of us yesterday. We should both just start over. I'll see you in class