The Proposal
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Proposal

Storyboard Text

  • My dear Ivan Vassilevitch! I am extremely glad to see you here!
  • What is it, my dear friend?
  • I've come to ask for the hand of your daughter, Natalya Stepanovna, in marriage.
  • Oh dear God in heaven! Ivan Vassilevitch! Such joy! … Can you say that again I’m not sure I heard all that and so on?
  • Honoured Stepan Stepanovitch, do you think I may count on her consent?
  • Why, of course she’ll consent! She's in love… she's like a cat in heat.. ..and so on.... I won’t be long!
  • Well, hello there! It's only you! Papa said, "Go inside there's a merchant come by to collect his goods." How have you been, Ivan Vassilevitch?
  • And don't set foot in my house again!
  • You see, honoured Natalya Stepanovna... the fact is, I've come here to see if you would….to ask you to …. hear me out.... Of course you'll be surprised and perhaps even a bit angry, but I...Where's the door? Oh... I think I'm dying.... My foot's quite numb....