Updated: 11/22/2019

Storyboard Text

  • HI I'm Kaitlyn and I'm igneous rock. I was formed by lava.
  • Level 1 Igneous rock
  • Level 2Erosion and Weathering
  • I'm still Kaitlyn, however I was eroded into sediment.
  • Level 3 Compaction and Pressure
  • Oh no!! I have been compacted. I'm so thin!!!
  • Now I'm sedimentary rock. I have changed alot.
  • level 4Sedimentary Rock
  • level 5Heat and Pressure
  • Ahhh I'm being heated!!! I feel like I'm melting!
  • Final level Metamorphic Rock
  • Hey I know you wondering who I am but I'm still Kaitlyn. I'm am now Metamorphic rock.