Updated: 9/22/2021

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  • I was in a foster home when i was young i dident get treated well at all so heres the story
  • U never mess with me as u will see
  • Lived in a bad house with my bedroom in the addict was never nice with the worst mattress in stead of sleeping on it i slept on the floor way more comfy
  • I diddent get dinner only the dog scraps and if i came down i would get chased by the dogs right back up but at night when everyone and everything is sleeping it was the best time to go food finding and when they asked what happened to the leftovers from the cafe down the street i would tell them "i heard a dog scrimmaging round down there"
  • Please give me proper food. I haven't had any in 2 years!
  • When i turned 18 is when i left home or what i called hell and went to shcool .I was very good at School so i was good at good education
  • remeber me?