finding gold
Updated: 3/4/2021
finding gold

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  • At the park
  • hey did you hear about the gold rush.
  • yeah i already started to pack
  • maybe i should pack for it to..
  • Bob then begins to pack after he heard that people are moving for the gold rush
  • The next day
  • Bob stopped a couple of times to eat
  • i'm so tired what if i don't make it to the gold
  • Bob is a 35 year old man who had just lost his job.he lived in New York where he had heard about the gold rush.
  • losing hope..
  • The next day Bob knew it was his chance to get gold so he packed up water and food.Bob was ready for the long trail.
  • hunting
  • Bob then had tiny bits of food and barely any water left. Bob was then tired and lost hope in finding any gold.
  • No more gold
  • The trail for bob was not easy and he had many problems like having no water,no food and his cloths are messed up and have mud on them
  • Bob then realized that he needs to learn how to hunt,so the next day he found out how to hunt and fish.
  • Bob was so happy when he got to California. But when he got there there was no more gold but a kind man said that he will give bob $12,000 but only if Bob worked for the man,so bob said yes .
  • how is there no more gold?....