A scene where something gets stolen

Updated: 6/22/2020
A scene where something gets stolen

Storyboard Text

  • 5.Okay so when you get out of your house, walk straight then take a left then walk straight again then take a left again.
  • 1. Hey! Billy want to come to my house?
  • 2. Yes,Billy I'm inviting you.
  • 3. You can come by, uhhhhh right now I guess.
  • 4.Seriously?!?!?
  • 3. Okay! I’m on my way. How do I get there though?
  • 1. You're inviting me?
  • 2. Cool, cool what time?
  • 4.Seriously…..
  • turn left
  • Walk straight then turn left then turn left again...
  • Hey! Billy, come in, come in.
  • Dexter! I’m here already.
  • 2.Anyways lets go up to my room.
  • 1.You have a nice house.
  • 1.Thank you! for the compliment.
  • 2.Alright lets go!
  • To be continued...