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Noahs Ark
Updated: 5/27/2020
Noahs Ark
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Storyboard Text

  • Noah, I need you to do a covenant for me.
  • You will need to build an ark so that you and your family do not get flooded by the floods that I send.
  • Everyone was being bad to God, apart from one person and that person is Noah. Noah was good person and prayed to God every day, and because of this God warned Noah what was going to happen.
  • God told Noah to build an Ark that would protect him, his family, and the animals on the boat from the big flood.
  • Noah started building the ark by following the steps that God gave to him. Noah finished buildng the ark and put two of every animal on the ark and his family.
  • Noah, his family and all the animals boarded the Ark and God made it rain non stop for 40 days and 40 nights, until the whole Earth was flooded and everything that was living is now dead.
  • After the rains had stopped, Noah sent a dove to search to find land. The dove came back with a twig in its mouth, this meant that there was land that they could get out of the boat on
  • Noah and his family safely made it back to land, with the animals, and they were very grateful that all the bad people were no longer in the word. God was also very grateful that Noah had listened to him, so he made a huge rainbow appear so Noah could see that god was happy.
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