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7th grade
Updated: 9/11/2020
7th grade
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  • Victor, the protagonist, is a 13 year old Mexican boy in 7th grade. He has a crush on a girl named Teresa, and a friend named Michael. He has recently gotten into french, the same class Teresa is taking. Victor bumps into Micheal while walking down the hall to his homeroom. Victor asks Micheal, "How come you're making a face?", to which he replies "I ain't making a face!"
  • A bit into the story comes the inciting incident. Victor bumps into Teresa while walking out of English (on purpose) to try and get her attention. He succeeds, and Teresa says "Hi Victor" to which he responds "Yeah, that's me". Victor is mad at himself for responding in such a dumb way. That is part of the main conflict of the story, which is Victor trying to get Teresa to like him.
  • This is the climax of the story. Victor is in French class with Teresa, and he has to find a way to impress her. The teacher asks if anyone can speak French for the class, and he raises his hand without thinking. The teacher calls on him, and he doesn't know what to do for he does not know French. He has to make a choice here. He decides to just attempt to say something French sounding, and goes "La me vave me con le grandma". The teacher knows he is bluffing, but Teresa does not. As he is leaving the class, Teresa complements him on his French. His plan worked!
  • In the falling action of the story, Victor is very happy how French class turned out. He now has much more confidence with Teresa, especially considering she asked him to help her with French. Towards the end he even says, "I'm going to like seventh grade."
  • We come to the end of the story. There is a slight sense of completion, considering one of his tactics to impress Teresa worked, but you can tell there is more to the story. Throughout this story, Victor has grown more confident and gotten Teresa to like him more and more. When Teresa asks him if he wants to help her with French, he says "Sure", and Teresa responds with "Bonjour".
  • TheEnd.
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