9/11 by caleb hooper
Updated: 6/25/2020
9/11 by caleb hooper
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  • Al-Qaeda, May 10 2000
  • Osama Bin Laden wants us to destroy the World Trade Centre in New York City
  • Anything for our leader
  • Okay lets do it
  • The North Tower on 9/11
  • oh no someone has accidentally flew into the twin towers!
  • oh no!
  • The South Tower on 9/11
  • the world trade centre is on fire! everyone run!
  • the towers are going to collapse!
  • 9/11 was a terrorist act carried out by 19 hijackers of the organization Al-Qaeda. It was believed the motive for the attacks were because of Osama bin Laden's fatwā signed by him and others for the killing of Americans in 1998.
  • The Pentagon on 9/11
  • On September 11, 2001 a hijacked plane flew into the North World Trade Centre in New York at 8:45 am. The plane set the building on fire and left a massive hole in it, which trapped and killed hundreds of people.
  • The Destruction of 9/11
  • 18 minutes later a second plane came and flew into the South twin tower. At the start people thought it was an accident but after the second plane hit the other tower people realised it was a terrorist attack.
  • The Aftermath of 9/11
  • While the twin towers were burning and falling apart, everyone watching worldwide was in shock and another plane was flying in Washington DC and crashed into the Pentagon at 9:45 am. 125 people in the pentagon died.
  • run!!
  • a plane just flew into the pentagon!
  • 15 minutes after the terrorists had attacked, people's hearts dropped seeing the south tower collapsing to the ground as a huge cloud of dust and smoke on the streets of NYC was created. At 10:30 the North tower then collapsed, and only six people survived. Almost 10,000 people were treated with injuries.
  • i can't believe this is happening!
  • everyone get back!
  • After 9 months of cleaning up the wreckage and destruction of the collapsing buildings the site of where the twin towers once stood were empty until September 11 2011 when they made a memorial for all the firefighters and people who worked in the twin towers who died that day.
  • Ground Zero
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