Greenhouse Effect
Updated: 10/27/2020
Greenhouse Effect

Storyboard Text

  • Albedo is how well solar radiation reflects off of a certain surface. Clouds and snow both have a very high albedo, because the solar radiation is not absorbed, but reflected off of these surfaces
  • The lines represent the radiation hitting the snow/clouds and instead of being absorbed, it is bouncing back into the atmosphere.
  • Pavement has a very low albedo, it absorbs most of the solar radiation that hits it, and turns it into infrared heat. That's why whenever you walk on the pavement in the summer it is super hot and burns your feet!
  • These dots represent ozone molecules, they absorb a lot of the ultraviolet rays before they can ever reach us.
  • These lines represent the solar radiation
  • Ntirous Oxide is released by burning fossil fuels, so when we use a ton of energy in our homes/ cars we are creating this greenhouse gas
  • (it doesn't bounce back)
  • The red and blue balls represent the radiation that reaches Earth, AKA Visible light and infrared light
  • Meaning that infrared heat is much hotter than visible light and has a much higher frequency
  • The wavelength of visible light is 480-700 nanometers and infrared about 780- 1 nanometers
  • About every 100,000 years there is a peak in carbon dioxide levels, never reaching past 309 ppm
  • The Yellow balls represent infrared heat, emmited from the Earth and rising to the atmosphere.
  • These are two of the gasses we learned about in class. THese two represent carbon dioxide and methane, the most common gasses in our atmosphere.
  • This is what happens to some of the radiation the Earth lets off, it goes straight out of the atmosphere
  • They heat up the Earth when doing this by bouncing around and staying in our atmosphere
  • This is what happens when solar radiation comes in contact with greenhouse gasses, it bounces in several different directions
  • Methane comes from cow waste and buffalo waste. With a lot of farmers comes a lot of cow and buffalo waste.
  • Carbon dioxide is created when a living organism dies. For example, it is created with Forrest fires/ deforestation. Along with Nitrous oxide
  • With more factories than ever, there is bound to be much more greenhouse gas emissions, and there is. With a ton more greenhouse gasses a lot more of the radiation Earth emits is being trapped in our atmosphere.
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