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Human Population and energy consumption
Updated: 10/2/2020
Human Population and energy consumption
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  • Nurses and Doctors are the ones who did this!
  • Why has the population significantly grown in the last 200 years? Well it all starts here.
  • The death rate is now considerably slower than the birth rate!
  • New medicine and medical technology helped expand our life expectancy, dramatically!
  • Another reason for the big population boom was the increase in agricultural productivity!
  • The access to food has caused less people to starve!
  • Another big thing that went along with the population growth was the new high in energy consumption!
  • With a much greater population people had more demand for energy. Such as heating, ways to cool yourself, Ovens, etc.
  • Energy Consumption
  • Another reason for the energy consumption boom, was the advancement in technology. With new technology, more people wanted it. Resulting in more energy consumption
  • New technology comes out everyday and the more that comes out, the mores stuff I want!
  • The Average American Family
  • The average monthly energy consumption for a family (in America) is 914 kWh, However, in China the average is 654.3 kWh (singificantly lower)
  • I use energy everyday without thinking about it!
  • The Average American family consists of 3.14/ 4 people
  • Each person uses technology for more than 11 hours a day. That's A LOT of energy if you account the 331 million people that live in the USA
  • My home life, personal life, my family, and job revolve around technology.
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