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Updated: 10/1/2019
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  • My life is over!!!!!
  • My roses!
  • Madame Loisel felt she deserved the world. Her husband one day decided to get tickets to a ball. Madame borrowed a necklace from a friend. She danced the night away but realized the necklace was gone. Her husband searched, but never found it. They got an expensive new one, but it really was a cheap necklace.
  • AHH
  • Everyone was excited for the lottery, it happened once a year. Everyone met up at the town square, they drew from the black box. Mr Warner went around asking who everyone had, it ended on the Hutchinson family. The Hutchinson family then had to draw names. Tessie got stoned to death.
  • Miss Strangeworth got home from the store, and wrote a rude letter to Mrs Crane. She wrote more letters then later that night, went to the post office to mail them. One didn't make it and fell out. A kid picked it up and gave it to Mrs Crane saying it was from Miss Strangeworth. Miss Strangeworth woke up to all her roses being cut up.
  • hehe
  • Rainsford fell off a ship and swam up to Ship-Trap Island. He found a house that belonged to Zaroff. Zaroff explained to Rainsford that he can play the game or whipped to death, Rainsford played the game. He survived 3 days out in the wild, until Zaroff brought his dogs to get him. Rainsford jumped off a cliff into the water, and hid in Zaroffs house. Later that night, Rainsford snuck into Zaroffs house and killed him.
  • Fortunato insulted Montresor so he had to get his revenge. Montresor lured Fortunato down into the catacombs with the drink called Amontillado. Montresor then locked Fortunato up into the catacombs and left him there. No one had disturbed Montresor in many years, no one would find Fortunato.
  • Mrs Maloney loved her husband so much. One day Mr Maloney came home and told Mrs Maloney that he wanted a divorce, while she was pregnant. She went downstairs and got a lamb bone, and killed Mr Maloney with it. Mrs Maloney then cooked it and ran to the store, creating an alibi, The police came, but found no weapon, then the police ate the lamb Mrs Maloney had killed Mr Maloney with.
  • The weapon could be right under our nose
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