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Interview storybord PHS
Updated: 9/17/2020
Interview storybord PHS
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  • Hey what's up. I'm here for the interview for the position.
  • Hello, you are 2 hours late. Please introduce yourself and why you're here. Do you have your resume with you?
  • Oh wait we had to bring that with us? That sucks... Oh yeah sorry for being late by the way that was my bad, you know how it is, my mom didn't wake me up this morning
  • Were you not listening? The problem is that MY MOM didn't wake me up, so it's not my fault. I can try to be earlier, no promises though
  • Is this how you expect to be arriving to work every day?
  • Can you please tell me your credentials and why you think you're the best person for this job
  • Well I forgot my resume which is what had my credentials. I worked at 7/11 for a month though. Before I got fired, because apparently people don't like it when you spit in their food
  • I'm sorry, what?
  • She shows up two hours late to her interview without the right clothes (nice/professional clothes)
  • I think I should have this job because I've always had a passion for... what's the job again?
  • Wait really? I forgot my bad. Anyways, I don't really have any special skills, I kinda just need to get a job or my mom is gonna take away my car again
  • Ma'am this is an interview for a position at Wendy's
  • She is rude to the lady interviewing her
  • Probably being brutally honest with customers, because as they say, honesty is the best policy. You gotta tell them like it is, no point in the formalities and pointless manners
  • Um, alright then. What do you think the most important trait in an employee is?
  • She forgot her resume/credentials at home and says that she was fired from her last job for spitting in people's food
  • Ma'am I don't think this is going to work out, I'm sorry. You aren't what we are looking for right now in our employees
  • Seriously?? I skipped summer school for this! What do you want from me, I need this job?!
  • I'm sorry, but I don't think there's anything you can do at this point.
  • She didn't remember what the interview was for and doesn't present herself in a way that makes her seem respectable or like a good employee
  • Says that being brutally honest with customers is the most important trait even if it means not being polite
  • She is rejected and gets mad, and is still rude to the lady
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