Russian Revolution
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian Revolution
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  • Before: The Czar and Royals
  • During: February, 1917
  • New Government
  • Higher Wages
  • After: Civil War
  • The Duma had been disbanded and the Czar once again had absolute power over Russia. A mystic, Rasputin gains more influence in Russia, When Nicholas leaves for war.
  • Before: WWI
  • Lenin convinces peasants, such as farmers and industrial workers to revolt against unfair Czarist rule in Petrograd. A new provisional government is established in Russia.
  • During: October, 1917
  • Many Russians did not support Communists, or the Red Army, and formed the White Army. This led to bloody civil war for the years following the October Revolution.
  • After: Stalin
  • World War One cost an unprepared Russia nearly four million men and was becoming a major crisis, and causing controversy among civilians. The czar proved an incompetent commander.
  • The provisional government is unpopular. No problems are solved and by October, Red Army men revolt once again.
  • Peace
  • land
  • Bread
  • Stalin is very paranoid, and has all political enemies imprisoned and later, killed. Over 600,000 die in total during his reign of terror.
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