Updated: 2/15/2021

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  • Nemesis"Look, if you think crude, mindless stubbornness such a gift, you've lost your sense of balance" (615-616 Sophocles).
  • Creon is speaking to Oedipus, foreshadowing stubbornness brings disaster.
  • Anagnorisis "And the guilt is all mine-can never be fixed on another man, no escape for me. I killed you, I god help me, I admit is all" (1442-1445 Sophocles).
  • Creon realizes he is in the wrong after his son Haemon committed suicide and now his wife Eurydice commits suicide as well.
  • Hubris"Go down below and love, if love you must- love the dead! While I'm alive, no woman is going to lord it over me" (592-594 Sophocles).
  • During this scene Creon is addressing Antigone's claim that she was born to join in love, not in hate.
  • Hamartia"And so I have the throne, all royal power" (196-197 Sophocles).
  • Creon's tragic flaw is pride. This leads to the downfall of his life. Here he is proudly introducing himself as King.
  • Creon decides to send Antigone to a cave with a small amount of food so he would not feel guilty about killing her.
  • Peripeteia“I'll have her taken to a desert place where no man ever walked, and there walled up inside a cave, alive with food enough” (147 Sophocles).
  • Creon went from ignorance to knowledge he has finally started to release his bitterness.
  • Catharsis"Yes I have learned it in my bitterness. At this moment/ God has sprung on my head with a vast weight/ and struck me down" (1137- 1339 Sophocles).