Updated: 3/5/2020

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  • Roanoke Island
  • Jamestown
  • Plymoth
  • The 1st attempted English colony, Established as an Economic Venture,settled in North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Quaker Church
  • Different kind of church
  • The first permanet english colony,1607, Established as an economic venture by the virginia company of london,came for gold to sell for money but there were none so they sold tobacco.
  • Georgia
  • HELP!
  • settled by sperations from England who wanted to avoid religious persecution .They were very religouis wet to church for a while, had thanksgiving with the indians .
  • Massachusetts Bay colony
  • Being religious talking about the bible
  • Settled by Quaker who wanted freedom to practice their religion without interferance,known in Philadelphia.
  • Settled by people who had been i debtor's prison in England.They hoped to find economic freedom and start a new life.
  • Settled by puritons to avoid religouis persecution,it's capital is Boston, Womans has claimed they were being haunnted and were "Witches".
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